We have a fair and transparent pricing 2023/2024:


17.06.2023 – 09.09.2023: EUR 2.300,- / week (Peak season), cleaning inclusive*

09.09.2023 – 07.10.2023: EUR 2.000,- / week, cleaning inclusive*

07.10.2023 – 04.11.2023: EUR 1.750,- / week, cleaning inclusive*

04.11.2023 – 16.12.2023: EUR 1.550,- / week, cleaning inclusive*

16.12.2023 – 06.01.2024: EUR 1.750,- / week, cleaning inclusive*


06.01.2024 – 09.03.2024: EUR 1.550,- / week, cleaning inclusive*

09.03.2024 – 11.05.2024: EUR 1.750,- / week, cleaning inclusive*

11.05.2024 – 15.06.2024: EUR 2.000,- / week, cleaning inclusive*

15.06.2024 – 07.09.2024: EUR 2.350,- / week (Peak season), cleaning inclusive*

07.09.2024 – 05.10.2024: EUR 2.000,- / week, cleaning inclusive*

05.10.2024 – 02.11.2024: EUR 1.750,- / week, cleaning inclusive*

02.11.2024 – 14.12.2024: EUR 1.550,- / week, cleaning inclusive*

14.12.2024 – 04.01.2024: EUR 1.750,- / week, cleaning inclusive*

Future and weekend-bookings on request.

additional cleaning: EUR 150,- can be booked onsite

Deposit EUR 500, – to 10 days prior to arrival or upon arrival payable cash.

After check-out at departure and handing out the keys to our check-out service, the deposit will be refunded, if everything is well and not damaged.


Payment terms: 40% deposit on booking with an invoice within 8 days, final payment 4 weeks before arrival, each without deduction. If the payment is not on time, the booking will automatically be canceled. More Booking can be found in our lease, we send you by e-mail and / or by post with a brochure when booking request.

Caution: The pool is covered by November 1st to March 31st and not usable.

The price at the left is the weekly price for letting the golf villa with max. 4 persons and up to 2 dogs per calendar week. A calendar week starts Saturday and ends Saturday. If necessary, can be agreed also individual arrival and departure days, but this is only after a binding confirmation. The Golf Villa is a self-catering house and perfectly equipped. Linen change service is performed weekly by our staff on site.

In the weekly price included:
2 towels / person (1 bath towel, 1 towel)
1 beach towel / Person
1 set of bed linen / person, depending on the climatic requirement, also Duvet (in the winter)

In several weeks of letting in addition contains:
1 weekly cleaning of bathrooms / WC

When you book up to 4 persons you book just the Golf Villa without guest house. You will use the entire equipment of the house (pool, barbecue, etc.), with the exception of the guest house. The guest house is NOT rented to other guests in the period of your reservation.

When you book with 5 or more people, the guest house is automatically included in your booking.



More than 4 people: 10% surcharge per week on the price, final cleaning EUR 150, – instead of EUR 100, because the guesthouse then must also be cleaned.

For a fee the following packages can be booked prior to arrival:

Breakfast package (we fill your fridge with lots of breakfast utensils, this is useful if you plan to arrive late for example) to your liking. This can be arranged after booking, our service staff on site will be happy to fulfill your wishes.

Coffee Package: Nespresso capsules (10 pcs / package) you can buy from us (just EUR 3,50 / package), but you can naturally use your own Nespresso capsules.

Wood package (as of October we provide favorable firewood, kindling for the fireplace at extra cost available)

Heating: the meter readings of electricity at check-in and check-out are listed for the period from October through March. Exceeds the consumption the usual weekly current package (eg for heating), this is in accordance with the in house prices ausliegenden additionally charged according to consumption (EUR / kWh).


Discounts are only in the low and golf (middle) season for bookings of minimum 21 days letting.

Individual travel dates: You remain as 10 days instead of 2 weeks. We offer 10% discount on the price of the 2nd week. Depending on the arrival and departure possible a degree of flexibility is necessary. Send us an e-mail for your inquiry, we come together and will offer you a special price therefor!

Discounts from 4 weeks lettingask Thomas therefor 😉